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New Class co-teaching with Corrina Whybourne at Blue Sky Community Healing Centre

poster Blue Sky Yoga for Everyone fall 2016 (Cynthia Nault)We’re excited to begin this new adventure teaching together, offering a pay-what-you-can, sliding scale suggested donation class!  Our effort is geared specifically to share yoga with people who can’t afford to attend a studio regularly.  While there really are no questions asked, we recommend the following contribution:

If you can afford new clothes, please pay $15 (this is a common fee for a drop-in yoga class, and we don’t want to be undercutting other yoga teachers)

If you usually buy second-hand clothes or are on ODSP, and you can afford it this week, please contribute $2 to $5.

If you have no income or are on OW, pay nothing!

You decide.

Your contributions go towards the work of Blue Sky Community Healing Centre, which is very generously allowing us to use their beautiful space.  Thank you, Blue Sky!

IMPORTANT:  Please be fragrance-free (due to allergies) which includes deodorants, shampoos, laundry products (especially dryer sheets), as well as perfumes and colognes.

AND … ALLERGY ALERT:  There are two cats in the space.  The ceiling is high and the space is clean, but if you are very reactive to cats, they may bother you.

Your teachers are Robin Faye and Corrina Whybourne.  Details about Robin’s training, experience, and philosophy are all over this website, so this description is about Corrina (who, by the way, Robin is delighted to be working with!):

Corrina began yoga as a physical practice 5 years ago, when she and her mom occasionally attended drop in classes. In 2015 she visited India, where she spent some time in an ashram. This is where Corrina was introduced to the more spiritual and mental side of yoga, and where her love for it truly began. In 2016 she returned to India to travel and to achieve her 200hr Ryc Yoga Alliance certification. She trained in Hatha and Hatha-Vinyasa asana (postures) practice, as well as in pranayama (breathing techniques). Corrina loves how yoga can act as a wholesome healing approach to physical or mental ailments, and how it offers many never ending challenges through its practice. She credits yoga with helping her to learn about herself and she hopes that through yoga, she can help support others on their own paths.

“What are the classes like?”

They’ll be gentle.  We’ll start with the six natural movements of the spine, taking it slowly and finding a comfortable level of movement for each person.  We’re all different, and each one of us is actually different from day to day.  So, we’ll respect that and we’ll practice moving in ways that support a healthy posture and without strain.  We’ll work at increasing mobility by working within the body’s current limits.  We’ll practice body awareness, breathing techniques and meditation, and we’ll relax in positions called “restorative postures” (they really are restful, and at the same time they do build strength).  If there any movements you can’t do comfortably, we’ll change the movements to suit your body’s needs, or find another movement that can offer the same benefit.

Still have questions?

Call us at 807-632-6591, or send an email to