about me, as an artist

Self Portrait, 2012, paper maché, gouache
I build mixed media sculptures and installations, experimenting with paper, wood, metal, ceramics, photography,  fibre, and sometimes performance. Besides ceramics, I prefer sustainable, low impact, and least-toxic materials and methods. Interactive and community-based work that helps people to engage creatively with social and environmental issues is a priority.
My focus is on the dynamic connections and interplay between society’s (dis)organization, nature, and human health. I draw on an employment background in not-for-profit organizations; on self-employment as a natural health practitioner; on grassroots community engagement; on personal injury; and on experiences as a parent of three wonderful adults.

My work makes social statements with a search for beauty, balance, humour and hope. My goal is to reach through the surfaces of our contextualized lives to bring out and centre specific environmental, social justice, and human health issues and interpret them visually. My research includes current affairs, scholarly writings, personal interviews, and embodied experiences.

As a former massage therapist and currently a yoga teacher, I marvel at the human body and the potential for exploring our boundless universe within. With my art, I express consternation at our destructive behaviours, celebrate our potential, and invite collaboration both as an experience and as research.