Untitled, 2019
In Progress: Piggybank collaboration with pottery artist Alan Moon, 2018, ceramic
Determinants, 2018, ceramic mixed media
Heart On My Sleeve, 2018, ceramic, photography, fabric
Listen, 2018
Celebrating Certain Women, 2017, fibre, notions
Displacement, 2018, paper, wood, rubber stamp
Life Cycle, 2017, ceramic mixed media
Life Cycle, 2017 (detail)
Signs of Protest, 2018, found materials, ink, gouache
“Keep It In The Ground”, 2016, ceramic mixed media




Installing Happy Times & Influences (Life Story Cups), 2017, ceramic mixed media
Happy Times & Influences, 2017, ceramic mixed media
Beautify, 2017, ceramic mixed media
True Cost of Food, 2018, paper, gouache, embroidery
88 Years Since The Person’s Case, 2017
All Fall Down, 2017, ceramic mixed media
All Fall Down, 2015 (detail)
Poster: Thai Yoga Massage, 2017, watercolour and ink
Hope is the Colour of the Sky and It Changes Like the Wind, combine painting: gouache, fibre, molded recycled paper, wire, embroidery thread
Hope, 2015, rice paper, fibre
Hope, 2015 (detail)
Hindsight, 2015, ceramic, wood, digitally-altered images
Untitled (car crash), 2016, graphite on paper, paper maché, plaster
Red Tape, 2013 (image: Henry Chan, 2013), performance
Red Tape, 2013 (image: Henry Chan, 2013), performance
Self Portrait, 2012, paper maché, gouache
Stewardship, 2010, collage
Untitled, 2011, charcoal & graphite on paper
Dragonfly logo, 2009, pen & ink on paper
Whiplash, 2012, gouache on paper
What’s Next?, 2011, mixed media sculpture
Hickory Dickory G20, 2010, gouache and ink