Life Cycle, 2017, ceramic mixed media
Beautify, 2017, ceramic mixed media
Installing Happy Times & Influences, 2017
“Keep It In The Ground”, 2016, ceramic mixed media
Untitled (car crash), 2016, graphite on paper, paper maché, plaster
Hope is the Colour of the Sky and It Changes Like the Wind, 2015, combine painting: gouache, fibre, molded recycled paper, wire, embroidery thread


Hindsight, 2015, ceramic, wood, digitally-altered images
Hope, 2015, rice paper, fibre
Hope, 2015 (close up)
Red Tape, 2013 (image: Henry Chan, 2013)
Red Tape, 2013 (image: Henry Chan, 2013)



Self Portrait, 2012, paper maché, gouache
Untitled, 2011, charcoal & graphite on paper
Stewardship, 2010, collage
Dragonfly logo, 2009, pen & ink on paper